Tim Jones Can't Name Any Businesses That Benefit From "Right To Work"

Speaker Tim Jones couldn't name a single business that would benefit from so called "Right to Work" legislation when prompted by a reporter.

At a press conference earlier today, despite repeated questioning by Rudi Keller of the Columbia Daily Tribune, Speaker Tim Jones couldn't provide the name of any business in the state of Missouri that stands to benefit from anti-worker “Right to Work” legislation. Maybe that's because—just like last session—the so called "Right to Work" fight is actually being coordinated by out of state, wealthy special interests. Check out the full exchange below. 




Keller: "What businesses are you are talking about that are telling you that they would benefit from right to work that are already unionized now? I mean name them."

Jones: "You know- I've talked to Governors in other states that have high economic growth and they tell me, the checklist is: your tax policy, your labor policy, your litigation policy. And, if you're not a state that has worker freedom, you're generally passed over."

Keller: "But you just said there are businesses in Missouri that told you they would benefit from Right to Work. So, can you name any unionized business that brought this issue to you? So we can talk to them, and understand what their issue is."

Jones: "These businesses would rather I not disclose them for fear of retribution." 

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