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Landlord Gary Cross' Number One Priority Is Landlords

Apparently, ALEC junkets and thousands in lobbyist gifts aren't enough for Representative Gary Cross. While he's been voting for Sinquefield-backed tax schemes that will hurt our schools, ALEC's so-called right-to-work bill, and to lower the minimum wage, it appears that he may have also been using his office in Jefferson City to help his bottom line.

Leading Recipient of Lobbyist Gifts Decides Two Weeks Before Election Day That He Wants to Ban Lobbyist Gifts

Caleb Rowden, who “personally has accepted more lobbyist gifts in his first term than any other member of the Boone County delegation,” announced Tuesday that he now supports a total ban on lobbyist gifts.


Doug Funderburk Says He Keeps Missouri Secession Legislation In His Desk

Doug Funderburk said he keeps a copy of secession legislation in his center desk drawer. Yeah. 

Kevin Corlew: Legal Fellow With Group Known for "Sharp Anti-Gay Bigotry"

Meet Kevin Corlew, the #MOLeg candidate with troubling ties to the radical Alliance Defending Freedom organization.

Gary Cross Conveniently Forgets About His Largest Donor, STL Billionaire Rex Sinquefield

Gary Cross says his brother is his biggest financial backer. Nope -- it's radical STL billionaire Rex Sinquefield.


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