Sinquefield still supports devastating KS tax cuts

Kansas Governor Sam Brownback’s tax cuts still aren’t working. The now infamous 2012 tax cuts that eliminated income taxes for sole proprietorships and certain business partnerships, preceeded a 3.8% drop in state revenue. That's the third largest drop in the US last year.

Even some of Brownback’s own allies may break ties with him, by revisiting the revenue slashing cuts of 2012.

“Some lawmakers, however, are calling for an examination of the state’s tax policy, which the governor championed and the legislature passed in 2012 and 2013. Some Republicans — most notably Senate President Susan Wagle — have expressed skepticism over the current tax exemption on pass-through business income. Altering the exemption could potentially yield millions in new cash.” The Topeka Capital-Journal - April 26, 2015

A major budget crisis is not exactly the outcome they were hoping for. Nor is it the one Rex Sinquefield lauded as a model for Missouri:

"The Show-Me-State now has real data, made available from our neighbor to the west, which can be used as a reference this coming legislative session. It’s now up to Missourians to create the best tax policy for our own state’s economic growth." -Sinquefield in Forbes, October 2013

Moving away from the Kansas economy in abstract, we can already see that the drops in revenue are taking a distressing toll on reisdents of the state. Six Kansas school districts are ending their calendar year early and Brownback just signed a bill that would cut public school funding by 51 million dollars. As Brownback continues to dig Kansas into a deeper financial crisis, the most vulnerable will be left to fend for themselves.

Despite Kansas’ ongoing budget crisis, Missouri’s own Rex Sinquefield continues to be a loud supporter. His mission: carry out similar tax cuts in Missouri, and ultimately eliminate income taxes as a whole. Apparently the destruction of the sunflower state’s economy isn’t enough for Sinquefield, Missouri needs to experience the same hardships for him to admit that these tax cuts don’t work. If Sinquefield is running the game, we can expect to see Missouri in the exact same position as Kansas.

Barbara Shelly got it right when she wrote in the KC Star:

Which is greater: Sam Brownback’s delusion or Rex Sinquefield’s arrogance?

Both were on full display in St. Louis this [March], based on an account by reporter Jonathan Shorman of the Topeka Capital-Journal, who sat in on the Kansas governor’s presentation to the Show-Me Institute, a think tank bankrolled by Sinquefield.


Brownback spent about an hour telling his audience that everything is fine in Kansas, despite a budget deficit approaching $1 billion over a two-year period, thanks to reckless income tax cuts. “The yelling about it is far greater than the pain that’s here,” he said.


Easy for him to say. Meanwhile, back in Topeka, lawmakers were hearing from parents and educators trying to save the Parents as Teachers program from the chopping block. The president of Kansas State University in Manhattan was issuing a statement about a proposed $3.1 million budget cut to his institution. School superintendents worried about paying bills. Highway officials have expressed concerns about the long-term health of Kansas’ infrastructure and financial experts have criticized Brownback’s money-saving schemes for handling pension funds.

No pain no gain, right?


But either way, Sinquefield is sounding pretty cocky about the prospect of importing Kansas-style misery to Missouri. And Brownback, desperate for a friendly audience, persists with the delusion that the big turnaround in Kansas is right around the corner.

Ignorance is not bliss. Arrogance hurts economies, and subsequently Missouri citizens.

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