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Say No to Nullification

Not much surprises us in Jefferson City these days. But we were disgusted to learn Friday that Democrats are joining with right wing extremists in an effort to override Governor Nixon's veto of a blatantly unconstitutional nullification bill.

HB436, known in the national press as “the nation’s most extreme gun protection bill” , is a dangerous piece of legislation that would nullifyall federal gun laws, as well as allow teachers to carry guns in school and punish law enforcement officers for enforcing any federal gun law.  This dangerous and unconstitutional measure was vetoed early this summer.

But as of last week, Democratic Reps. Keith English, Ben Harris and T.J. McKenna have each indicated they will join their extremist colleagues and vote to override Gov. Nixon’s veto of HB436.  

The reason? A lack of political courage.

Rep. McKenna actually said, “It’s not worth the fight for me to vote against it,” before admitting, “the bill is completely unconstitutional.”  And Rep. Harris said, “Being a rural-area Democrat, if you don't vote for any gun bill, it will kill you.”  


But there’s still time. Sign our petition TODAY to let leaders of both parties know you care about the constitution - and that it's time to get real about policies that will actually reduce gun violence. 

Take action now. 


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