Rowden Condemns Paycheck Deception Attacks as "Purely Political"

Last Friday, State Representative Caleb Rowden joined the Gary Nolan Show to defend his vote against the paycheck deception bill that narrowly passed the House last week. Rowden had the following exchange with Nolan and stated the obvious: paycheck deception is a purely partisan attack on Missouri workers. 

NOLAN: Before I release the hounds, tell me what is was about the Paycheck Protection Act that you didn't like because you voted against it. You kind of surprised me with that vote.
ROWDEN: Yeah, well I think there are a couple of reasons I was a no on this one. For one, I personally think that a no vote was a conservative vote to make. I'll tell you why. We, as conservatives folks, speak for limited government and less interference in the markets but then with this bill we tried to pass that would try to make a process that, for all intents and purposes is already happening, more difficult for public workers. 
In my mind Gary, as much as I hate to say it, I think it was purely political. All we're doing here is adding another layer of bureaucracy and administration to the process and I don't know that that's a conservative path to take. 


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