Moon Predicts "Three, Or Maybe Even Four Articles Of Impeachment" Against Nixon

The hyperpartisan Republican majority in the Missouri House of Representatives is going all-in on their strategy to ignore the needs of working Missourians this session and instead focus on pleasing their party faithful by attacking workers, opposing expanding access to healthcare for tens of thousands of Missourians, and impeaching Governor Jay Nixon. Earlier today, Representative Nick Marshall filed articles of impeachment against Governor Jay Nixon for following federal law and allowing Missourians with same-sex marriages from other states to file jointly on their state tax returns. 

Representative Mike Moon filed his own articles of impeachment against Governor Nixon today. Appearing on KSGF Mornings with Nick Reed yesterday, he said his and Marshall's plans were just the tip the of the iceberg.

NICK REED: Have you had any conversations with State Rep Nick Marshall. We talked with him weeks ago, maybe even months ago. It was prior to the session and he said that we has going to introduce Articles of Impeachment for different reasons. I don't think this is one of them. They included a number of different violations of the constitution in his opinion that Governor Nixon had undertaken. Have you had any discussions with him about his articles or about putting these things together to try to take care of them all at once or have you even heard anything in addition to his initial announcement that he was going to do that? 
MIKE MOON: I have. I've had conversations with Nick and several others who are concerned as well. I wouldn't doubt that before all this is played out to the end that you'll see not just one, but maybe two, or three, or maybe even four separate articles of impeachment all on separate subjects. 


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