Missourians' tireless support for Medicaid expansion is amazing

dir="ltr">Missourians from every corner of the state are tirelessly advocating with their legislators to expand Medicaid. Supporters of Medicaid expansion inlcude Missourians in the coverage gap, like Theresa Jackson from Warrensburg, as well as, doctors, nurses, hospital administrators, pastors, rural community leaders, GOP legislators and the Missouri Chamber of Commerce.

Throughout the 2015 legislative session, both in-district and at the Capitol, Missourians have met with legislators, held candlelight vigils, rallies, press conferences, panels, marches, and canvassed their communities in support of Medicaid expansion.

The bipartisan support, constituent demand, and overwhelming evidence supporting Medicaid expansion are clear for anyone to see.

Their work is making front page headlines:



Rural communities are taking a stand...


...because the consequences of inaction are dire.


Doctors and their uninsured patients know this all too well.


While the Missouri legislative session was out on Spring Break, having not even had a Senate debate on expansion, communities led in-district events to raise awareness and urge action on Medicaid expansion:


From Jefferson County….


To Joplin…


To Kirkwood...



And St Charles...







Again, in Jefferson County...


St Joseph...


Heck, even GOP Rep. Nate Walker (R-Kirksville) supports expansion!



If only Senator Ron Richard (R-Joplin) would listen to his constituents, like Arielle Speer, a working mother in the coverage gap…Missouri could do something we should have done three years ago!


On March 19, before Spring Break even let out, hundreds of advocates packed the Capitol for the Day of Action. Constituents from Cape Girardeau traveled a long way to urge Senator Wallingford to close the coverage gap.


That same day, Missouri legislators were afraid to come out of their offices and face their own constituents.



Except for a few, like Senator Jill Schupp (D-Creve Coeur), who supports Medicaid expansion.


And, Senator Gina Walsh (D-St Charles).


It’s no surpirse, Missouri faith leaders support expansion--


Veterans support it.


Oh! And, Representative Linda Black, a Republican from Farmington, supports it.


Health care providers...




Whether in-district or under the dome, you can find supporters for Medicaid expansion.


A lot of supporters, actually.






In case that wasn’t enough support, the Missouri Hospital Association delivered a letter to the Missouri General Assembly with 1,047 organizations publicly supporting reform and expansion.


There are hardworking grandmothers, like Rene, who are in the coverage gap and will benefit from Medicaid expansion.


That’s part of the reason why these folks in West Plains have been raising awareness:


Speaking to a packed room, Rene from Arnold, just like Theresa Jackson from Warrensburg, tells her story and urges the legislature to act.

 Seems pretty clear, Missourians urge their legislators to close the coverage gap and expand Medicaid. It's time for legislators to listen, act and close the coverage gap this session.

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