Missouri GOPers reaffirm strong opposition to ALEC's 'Right to Work' attacks

Opposition to ALEC's so-called 'right to work' attacks is and always has been bipartisan. Pushed by out-of-state corporate interests, 'right to work' legislation would harm all working Missourians. This is why Republican legislators have stood against it. Recently, Representatives Linda Black (R-Park Hills), Kathie Conway (R-St. Charles), and Galen Higdon (R-St. Joseph) have all reaffirmed their opposition to these attacks on workers.

Black took to Facebook last week to restate her position after right-to-work mailers went out around her district. These mailers were paid for by the Missouri branch of Americans For Prosperity, the Koch brothers corporate-interest group.

"Over the past 7 years I’ve been in office I’ve had thousands of my constituents call in, write and visit the Capitol who oppose RTW. There are a few (20 or less) who support RTW. Those totals speak for will of the majority and I will continue to oppose RTW."

Conway posted on Facebook about her constituents feelings on so-called 'right to work' as well:

"...I was contacted by nearly 300 constituents asking me to vote against RTW. There were maybe a dozen or so that asked I support it. Based on this, I voted against the bill. We have taken several votes on this issue since then. I have remained consistent because to do otherwise would be inconsistent and dishonest."

Higdon is equally unwavering in his opposition to ALEC's so-called 'right to work' attacks. He told the St. Joseph News-Press:

“'Those are the people that voted me down there,' Mr. Higdon said, citing 2-year-old polling sentiment in his Missouri House 11th District that he says mostly runs counter to right to work. A large majority of phone calls and emails to his office this year reaffirm that stance, he added. 'We are the voice of the people,' Mr. Higdon said of his representation."

Higdon is right, all Missour families would be hurt by 'right to work' laws, and his constituents know this too.

This is precisely why opposition to ALEC's attacks are bipartisan and widespread. Props to Black, Conway, and Higdon who stand up for their working constituents.

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