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Silvey to Schaaf: “You don’t believe in math... so, no Senator I can probably never satisfy you on this issue”

Yesterday on the floor, Senator Ryan Silvey (R-Kansas City) pointed out the cost savings and economic benefits of Medicaid expansion. Silvey called out Senator Rob Schaaf (R-St. Joseph) for choosing to believe some fiscal notes and not others in his opposition to Medicaid expansion.

Schaaf: You can’t afford it, Senator, not only that, but it would be wrong to do it.


Silvey: Senator, the only reason I can’t afford it, is because you don’t believe in math. I have the numbers, I have shown them to you. I have numbers in black and white, you refuse to believe the fiscal note on this bill but you want to believe the fiscal note on your own bill. I cannot get you to be consistent on what numbers mean what. So, no, Senator, I can probably never satisfy you on this issue and I’m cool with that. I get it, I can’t get inside your head, that’s fine.

Here's the audio:

During the debate it was clear that Missouri legislators, like Schaaf, are clueless when it comes to the economic impacts of Medicaid expansion. The argument that Medicaid expansion is too costly has been disproven time and time again.

To clarify for other Missouri legislators who do not understand the math behind Medicaid expansion:

Missouri can afford Medicaid expansion. In fact, expanding Medicaid will save the state money.

By expanding Medicaid, Missouri would save more than $81 million initially, increasing to more than $100 million annually in later years.

Some legislators need to get their facts straight. Expanding Medicaid will improve the health of Missourians, save the state money, and grow the economy. It's past time for our legislators to do the right thing and expand Medicaid in Missouri.

Medicaid Makes (Dollars &) Sense by The Missouri Budget Project