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STL Public Radio: GOP Leaders "Lack Specific Agenda" for 2015 Session

St. Louis Public Radio:

Missouri Legislators Lack Specific Agenda As They Return To Jefferson City
With more than 500 bills pre-filed so far, the Missouri General Assembly will be facing a variety of issues – from school transfers to ethics — when its 197 members return to Jefferson City this week.
But compared to recent legislative sessions, legislative leaders have so far sent few signals as to which bills will get serious consideration and which ones will simply serve as political wallpaper.
“There’s no real agenda, per se,’’ said Republican lobbyist James Harris, among the cadre of behind-the-scenes legislative players.

So... what happened to the "100 Great Ideas for Missouri" campaign from John Diehl and Rex Sinquefield? The one that Sinquefield front group Grow Missouri said would get a "large part" of $2.5M in Sinquefield cash? Maybe Rex's blimp isn't the only thing full of hot air.