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Refreshing Honesty from Americans for Prosperity

Earlier today, the Executive Director of the Koch Brothers-backed Americans for Prosperity unit for Missouri tweeted that the Rep. Eric Burlison’s paycheck deception bill (HB64) is the “first step in #mortw [Missouri ‘right to work’].”

Thank you @ericburlison for your leadership on Paycheck Protection!! First step in #mortw

— Patrick Werner (@AFPMissouri) March 13, 2013

He has also tagged messages about Sen. Dan Brown’s paycheck deception bill (SB29) with #RTW, shorthand for so-called ‘right to work’ proposals.

CALL2ACTION: Thank Sen. Dan Brown 4 passing Paycheck Protection 573-751-5713 @afphq #RTW…

— Patrick Werner (@AFPMissouri) March 13, 2013

This refreshing honesty about the true intention of paycheck deception bills fits squarely with statements made earlier this year by Speaker Tim Jones, who called paycheck deception bills "a way to get to the ultimate goal of right to work."

You may recall that Speaker Jones met with Americans for Prosperity on the very first day of the 2013 legislative session, where he revealed that he has been coordinating with Michigan legislators who just passed so-called ‘right to work’ legislation about how to message and sell these attacks to Missouri voters. 

Americans for Prosperity (AFP) is a corporate front group founded and funded by billionaire industrialist David Koch. The Kochs also fund smaller right-wing think tanks around the Midwest, as well as the American Legislative Exchange Council, which drafted the so-called right to work legislation also sponsored by Rep. Burlison and co-sponsored by the Speaker.

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