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Onder begins Senate career with recycled stunt to make health care more expensive

Dr. Bob decided to begin his senate career with a lame political stunt attacking Missourians access to affordable healthcare.

Republican Senator-elect Bob Onder from St. Charles recently filed legislation that would suspend the licenses of health insurance companies that accept federal subsidies for the plans they offer on the federal marketplace.

Onder, a life-long physician, has filed a massive blockade between affordable health care and 300,000 Missourians. Shear brilliance! Especially considering that in the Senate District (02) he was just elected to represent, there are 24,238 people who are uninsured, 87% of whom are working adults from 18-64 years of age. But Onder decided on a lame stunt that prioritizes blocking people's access to health care instead of focusing on solutions to create access to affordable health care for his constituents and their families. 

If you have purchased health insurance on the federal marketplace, be advised: Onder wants to prevent your insurance company from issuing you a health insurance plan on the federal marketplace by suspending their license. That would mean that Tom and LaDonna Applebaum, a West County couple who has insurance through the federal marketplace,  would be buried under the financial weight of hospital costs, not to mention mental strain and emotional hardship.

Onder’s constituents must have been clamoring for this, right? Or could the inspiration for this stunt have something to do with the fact that Onder has received previous support from Missouri Club for Growth, Concerned Women for America and Eagle Forum? Perhaps there’s even a dash of influence from the conservative think-tank, The Cato Institute...

The fact is that Senator-elect Bob Onder is a life-long physician. He should know the value of preventive medicine and the benefits of access to timely, affordable health care. Onder has not even been sworn into office yet and already he has done a disservice to his constituents by filing legislation that would pretty much un-insure everyone who accesses insurance through the federal marketplace. Whatever happened to "First do no harm"?