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Not the Onion: House Committee Schedules 'Hearing' At Jefferson City Country Club

Next Wednesday, the House Utility Infrastructure Committee, led by Representative Lyndall Fraker, plans to hold a "hearing" at the Jefferson City Country Club. Apparently the House hearing rooms in the Capitol Basement weren't nice enough for the committee to do the people's business.

Sadly, this isn't a new practice in the Capitol. Last year, the House Utilities committee had two dinners at the same country club funded by lobbyists for the utility industry with free food and liquor worth more than $2,300. The committee has received tens of thousands of dollars in lobbyist funded meals in the last two years, the most egregious of which was a $4,827.11 dinner at CC's City Broiler in Columbia that included a $300 trolley back to Jefferson City.

This is a gross practice, and ought to stop.