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New Analysis: Missouri Can't Afford NOT to Expand Medicaid

As shown in a new Missouri Budget Project report, expansion would actually SAVE the state about $100 million annually – money that could be used for education or other services cut during the Great Recession: 

Opponents of Medicaid expansion in Missouri claim that Missouri cannot afford to extend Medicaid benefits to healthy adults up to 138 percent of the federal poverty level. But because the federal government would pick up many costs the state is currently paying, expanding Medicaid would actually save the state money – more than $81 million initially, and more than $100 million annually in later years...

Although it seems counterintuitive, the State of Missouri can actually save money by expanding MO HealthNet to healthy adults living below 138 percent of the federal poverty level and by taking advantage of the ACA’s higher match rate for populations already covered for health services in Missouri. Missouri currently covers some populations that do not receive any federal matching dollars at all. For instance, MOHealthNet covers some blind Missourians using state-only dollars. Likewise, prisoners in the custody of the Department of Corrections10 (childless adults) must receive medical care, but because MO HealthNet doesn’t cover them, the state pays 100 percent of the cost. 

Read the full report here