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MO Republican Rep.: "Medicaid expansion should have happened three years ago"

As the 2015 Missouri legislative session continues, there is continued bipartisan support for Medicaid expansion. In a recent interview, Rep. Nate Walker (R-Kirksville) said:

Medicaid expansion probably should have happened three years ago. It would have been the best time to do it.


In the rural areas, Medicaid expansion would be beneficial to a lot of people and it’s to that group of people who are actually out there trying to work and improve themselves. They’re falling into an area where they make a little bit, just a little bit too much to qualify for Medicaid, but they don’t really have enough money to be able to afford affordable health care or any health care programs.

This past week, the 2015 County Health and Rankings published Missouri's health outcomes by county, affirming Rep. Walker's assertion that rural Missouri counties are suffering the most without Medicaid expansion. 

Over the legislative Spring Break, local leaders urged their senators to have the debate and expand Medicaid throughout an entire week of in-district events held in St Joseph, Kansas City, Columbia, Springfield, Joplin, St Louis and Jefferson County. 

On Monday, the Missouri House and Senate will resume the second half of the legislative session. It's time for legislators to work on a Missouri solution to close the coverage gap and expand Medicaid this session.