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Meet Tea Party Extremist Fred Ellison, Secession Advocate

Fred Ellison wants to be the next State Representative from the 132nd District. His campaign website carefully avoids making any mention of any policies he would support if elected and leaves all the issue pages blank.

When you learn just what Ellison stands for, you won't be surprised that he's trying to hide his record.

Ellison has been a tea party activist since the beginning of the movement, organizing one of the first rallies in Springfield. He's been active on a public right-wing Google Group for years, using it to spread his radical thoughts on a range of issues.

Ellison is staunchly opposed to an ordinance in Springfield that would ban discrimination based on gender identity and sexual orientation, ensuring Springfieldians can no longer be fired simply for being gay. One email he shared in opposition to the ordinance went so far as to say that providing equal protection under the law for all Missourians was "the exact equivalent of the Jim Crow laws of the Old South."

It doesn't stop there. Ellison stood with Todd Akin after his "legitimate rape" comments, praising Akin as a someone who would "stand up for American values" and even donating to his campaign. 

Ellison is so anti-goverment that he shared a White House petition calling on the Obama administration to allow Missouri to secede from the union. In 2010, he donated to Senate candidate Sharon Angle, who is famous for saying Americans were "looking toward those Second Amendment remedies" in response to tyranny from the federal government. Ellison has pledged to support legislation that would allow anyone to concealed carry without requiring a permit.

In 2009, Ellison urged the State Senate to support a radical so-called "fair tax" proposal that would have provided a windfall to the wealthiest Missourians and corporations by eliminating Missouri's individual and corporate income taxes. The plan would have been paid for by instituting a sales tax on nearly every good and service Missourians buy, including food, child care, rent, and doctors visits. The plan would have cut taxes for the top 1% by an average of $22,864 a year while raising taxes on everday Missourians by an average of $2,000 a year. 

Do we really need more extremist politicians like this in Jefferson City?