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Let's Count the Ways Brattin's Bill is Legitimately Terrible

As Mother Jones reported this morning, Representative Rick Brattin has prefiled HB 131 which would require women to receive written, notarized consent from the father before receiving an abortion, effectively giving men veto power over women's health care decisions.

Here are the top 5 reasons why this bill is terrible:

  1. Brattin said he was inspired to file the bill because of a law he believed exists that requires men to receive a spouses permission to have a vasectomy. Of course, there is no such law in Missouri.

  2. No consideration is made for women coming from an abusive relationship. Brattin himself said: "I haven't really thought about that aspect of it," in response to this question from a reporter.

  3. While Brattin's bill does provide an exception for "legitimate rape" as he described it to Mother Jones, he says that women will be required to prove that they were raped, though the bill provides no standards for this. Given that only 8% of incidents of rape are prosecuted, that leaves 92% of women who are vitctims of rape out of the equation.

  4. Additionally there is no allowance made for women who cannot reach the man in question. 

  5. Requiring all Missouri women seeking a legal medical procedure to receive written permission from a man for a healthcare procedure is messed up. And not only written permission, but notarized as well. What was the last thing you had notarized?

I'm surprised that Brattin's bill did not also require the signee to meet with the notary once first, then return 72 hours later to sign the documents in question.