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Kevin Corlew: Your Boss Should Be Able To Deny You Birth Control

Republican Kevin Corlew, candidate for the Missouri House in District 14, praised the Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby decision this summer as a “victory” for religious liberty. And by liberty, he means the freedom for your boss to deny you birth control.

The Supreme Court’s Burwell v. Hobby Lobby decision, announced this summer, will have long lasting and far reaching consequences. The case, which originally began as an attempt to fight the Affordable Care Act’s mandate that all insurance plans cover birth control, granted Hobby Lobby, and any other “closely held” corporations the power to selectively choose which birth control methods would be covered by their employee insurance. Employees of the three corporations filing the suit were affected first, but may be soon to follow for any “closely held” corporation with religious inclinations.

Almost 90% of all companies in the U.S. are closely held. 

The Affordable Care Act’s birth control mandate was created to ensure that everyone has access to the birth control method that is right for them. It is clear that the Supreme Court’s decision favors the priorities of huge corporations over citizens’; troubling however, is the fact that many politicians do too. There have been a rising number of bills filed in the state legislature which do exactly that. Terrifyingly, many of these bills are written for corporations, by corporations and are handed down to politicians to pass off as legislation which would benefit Missourians.

It’s no surprise that Corlew supported this extreme attack on women. Corlew has worked with the Alliance Defending Freedom, the group that helped bring the Hobby Lobby case to the Supreme Court on behalf of their client Conestoga Wood Specialities, another employer seeking to deny access to birth control to their employees.

This attack against women isn’t new to Missouri. In 2012, Senator John Lamping sponsored SB749, which would have allowed Missouri employers to refuse to provide coverage for abortion, contraception or sterilization based on that employers’ personal religious or moral objection. The legislature voted to overturn Governor Nixon’s veto of the bill only to have SB749 struck down in federal court.

The only way to prevent more legislation like this from passing, is to take a stand against politicians who have shown such disregard for the personal medical decisions of Missouri women. Here’s the full list of candidates running for the House or the Senate this year who have endorsed the Hobby Lobby decision or voted for SB749:

  • Rob Schaaf 
  • Paul Wieland
  • Jeanie Riddle
  • Ed Schieffer
  • Dave Schatz
  • Gary Cross
  • Bart Korman
  • Jay Houghton
  • Wanda Brown
  • Andrew Koenig
  • Chrissy Sommer
  • Paul Curtman
  • Dave Hinson
  • Sandy Crawford
  • John McCaherty
  • Shelley Keeney
  • Lyndall Fraker
  • Lyle Rowland
  • Bill White