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Flashback: John Diehl Said He Would Probably End Steakhouse Hearings

Appearing on the McGraw Milhaven Show on KTRS with Tony Messenger in May 2014, John Diehl said he wouldn't condone steakhouse committee hearings funded by lobbyists and that he would "probably" end the practice as speaker. 

MESSENGER: We have an editorial in today's paper that focuses on the legislature’s failure to deal seriously with ethics problems and how they had another situation this week that is just another example of everything that is wrong, particularly in the Missouri House. They had a local government committee have a dinner, a committee meeting, an official meeting posted on the state website, at a local restaurant. Which to me is something that is continuing to be a horrible practice within this legislature within the Missouri House specifically and Republican chairmen. In order to feed themselves with lobbyist money, because there are no limits in Missouri, they're actually taking meetings out of the capitol into private restaurants some of them outside of the Capitol city [and] cutting the public out of the process purely because they can. Purely because they like it when lobbyists buy them steak and lobster and wine and whatever else. It is disgusting. It is one of the worst examples of how disconnected that legislature is from reality...


MCGRAW: John Diehl, would you like to respond?


DIEHL: Tony, you're miss going to miss the public lynchings that we're going to do and the babies probably when you get your next job at the Chicago Tribune or the Times you'll be much happier with the political stance of the state that you work in. But, I will say this with regard to the ethics stuff. If there were serious reporters looking on this, the reason Tony you know about that, I don't like it or condone it. We're probably going to put a stop to it when I'm speaker.


MESSENGER: So you agree with me that they shouldn't be doing it.

Unfortunately, as Speaker John Diehl has changed his tune and is defending the steakhouse hearings as "normal practice" for the legislature. It's time for this to stop. Sign our petition calling on Diehl to follow through on his promise here.