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A baby step forward

The scene last night at the Jefferson City Country Club

We’ve taken a baby step forward.

You joined us in calling on Speaker Diehl to end the bizarre practice of holding sham hearings in steakhouses, restaurants and exclusive country club facilities outside the Capitol. With your help, we shined a light on this garbage, and Missourians saw just how gross Jefferson City has become on our livestream, on KRCG, on PoliticMO, in the Post-Dispatch, in the Star, in the Pitch, on Missourinet… you get the idea.

Well, Speaker Diehl just announced a ban on off-site committee hearings, one day after defending the practice. “It’s always been done that way,” he said.

Not anymore.

This is a baby step in the right direction, but we’ve still got a long way to go. Politicians in Jefferson City can still accept unlimited gifts from lobbyists, and will continue fill their bellies and pockets until real reforms are enacted. ALEC will still fly pliable legislators on junkets around the country, and lobbyists can still hide what they’re up to by exploiting enormous loopholes in the law. And Rex Sinquefield can still send subservient candidates $1,000,000 checks.  

With your help, Progress Missouri’s exposure of these sham hearings played a pivotal role in this victory, and we need your support to ensure we're fully equipped to continue to shine a light on Jefferson City shenanigans. Sustaining donors from Missourians like you are how we have the cameras for live streams, gas to get to hearings, and internet access to broadcast what’s happening to the world.

Please give today to help us drain the swamp in Jefferson City.