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Art Laffer: Michael Brown Had "No Future Whatsoever"

Art Laffer, Policy Co-Chairman of the Free Enterprise Fund and "Board of Scholars" member for the American Legislative Exchange Council, was interviewed on KMOX Tuesday with billionaire ideologue Rex Sinquefield. The interview was to pitch their book, “An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of States", in which they call for states to repeal their income tax and implement ALEC's so-called right-to-work policies.

But on the show, Laffer made insensitive and disturbing comments about Michael Brown.

LAFFER: Take Ferguson, here you've got this kid Michael Brown, 18 year old kid with no future whatsoever.  He's scumming around in the stores and stuff like that. Wouldn't you be angry too? You have no future, here he is, what does he do? Now, imagine he'd had a good, fine high paying job, was coming off with a good education. He'd have been fine. You need school choice. You need enterprise zones. You need rapid growth in the state and these kids would be brought back into the mainstream. Otherwise, you're going to have an angry nasty mean underclass that's going to last for generation after generation.

The full interview can be found here.