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Post-Dispatch coverage of our PFD data dump

Progress Missouri in the Post-Dispatch: "State lawmakers are required to file yearly personal financial disclosures with the state Ethics Commission, but unlike campaign finance and lobbying reports, you won’t find the files on the Ethics Commission’s website.

We’re sending an airplane to your district*

Here's the skinny on Progress Missouri's contest to support Governor Jay Nixon’s veto of HB253, an “ill-conceived, fiscally irresponsible” tax plan that will require devastating cuts to Missouri’s schools, communities and families if it becomes law.  

The rules of the contest are simple: 

Bipartisan Opposition to ALEC-Inspired Paycheck Deception Proposals

Progress Missouri issued the following statement in response to Governor Jay Nixon’s veto of extreme paycheck deception legislation, SB29: 

“Paycheck deception bills have always been about politics -- not economics -- and we are thrilled Governor Nixon vetoed the dangerous and unfair Paycheck Deception bill, SB29. Missourians don’t support proposals like Paycheck Deception because attacking workers is wrong. 

Bang Head Here

Jefferson City is full of good people working very hard to make Missouri a better place. It’s also full of small-minded, fearful silly people trying to remake the state in their image. Spend just a few days listening to the debate in the Missouri House or Senate, and it becomes abundantly clear how poorly our legislators represent the diverse, dynamic and intelligent people of the Show-Me State.

Shame on Roy Blunt

This week, Senator Roy Blunt and a minority of his Senate colleagues teamed up to defeat universal background checks--commonsense gun violence prevention supported by 85% of Missourians.  Their actions and votes are reprehensible and shameful.  

Paycheck Deception Moving in the House

Progress Missouri released the following statement in response to this morning’s party line vote by the House Workforce Development and Workplace Safety Committee to send paycheck deception legislation to the full House:

House Committee Advances ALEC-Approved Attack on Missouri Workers

Jefferson City, MO --Today the House Workforce Development and Workplace Safety Committee passed so-called 'right to work' legislation (HCS HBs 77, 91 & 95) based directly on model legislation approved and propagated by the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC). In response, Progress Missouri issued the following statement:

In Missouri, You Can Be Fired for Being Gay

PROMO and Progress Missouri today launched, an informative microsite and story collection project to raise awareness of inadequate legal protections against discrimination for LGBT Missourians.

Brian Nieves Says His Anti-Sharia Law Bill Not About Sharia, Forgets About the Interwebs

Brian Nieves accused us of lying about his SB267 legislation today, because we sad it was about banning Sharia law.  "ProgressMo falls for the false and foolish LIE that the legislation bans Sharia! Read it!!," Nieves wrote


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What Folks Are Saying About Progress Missouri

  • Progress Missouri "has been leading the opposition effort" to "enshrine [Rush] Limbaugh with Missouri’s greats" 

  • "Let’s say kudos to lefty Progress Missouri for the act of transparency that the state itself should be providing..."

  • "No group has been as successful at getting the Capitol talking."

  • "Progress Missouri has become the biggest thorn in the side Republicans in the Capitol as the group is represented anywhere and everywhere."

  • "An oasis of sanity in a state whose officials often seem to care most about receiving gold stars from the NRA, denying women reproductive rights, and transferring money from cash-strapped public services to greedy corporate interests..."