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This is Tim Jones' explanation for why he gave The Star bogus information

Speaker Tim Jones has a side business, Missouri Freedom Alliance, LLC. What does it do?  He isn't giving straight answers. 

Here's what the Kansas City Star reported this weekend

We Did It

Just a quick note of thanks from the Capitol.

We defeated Rex Sinquefield's terrible tax scheme because Democrats and Republicans stood together against the crazy.

We defeated the nullification bill that was too extreme for the NRA to support because Democrats and Republicans stood together against the crazy. 

Shifting stories from Speaker Jones on Missouri Freedom Alliance, LLC

In interviews with the Kansas City Star, St. Louis Post-Dispatch and KCMO Talk Radio, Speaker Tim Jones has given seemingly contradictory explanations for what Missouri Freedom Alliance, LLC is all about and when it was active.  

Five Questions for Tim Jones

Saturday’s Kansas City Star story by Jason Hancock raises numerous questions about Speaker Tim Jones’ secretive side business, Missouri Freedom Alliance, LLC.  

Beyond the ability for the Speaker to accept of unknown sums of money for unknown services while he wields so much power in the General Assembly, Jones’ shifting explanations about the nature of 'Missouri Freedom Alliance' raise a huge red flag:

Say No to Nullification

Today: Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster is raising concerns about legislation attempting to nullify some federal gun-control laws. Koster sent a letter Tuesday to lawmakers warning that the bill contains 'flawed public policy.'"

Sinquefield Group a "Six Figure" Sponsor of ALEC Conference

Rex Sinquefield's campaign and lobbying shop is now directly underwriting the ALEC agenda. As reported by the Associated Press:

Speaker Jones Spews Hate on Right-Wing Radio

When Speaker Tim Jones hits the right-wing radio circuit, he sometimes forgets that people who disagree with him are listening -- and that he represents a lot of people who don't agree with all of his radical ideas. Here's just a sampling of what the Speaker spewed on 97.1 FM Talk in early August:


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