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Bill Lant, Class Act

"Somehow, Missouri state Rep. Bill Lant, of Pineville, thought that a blog post that started out about the increasing instances of child abuse in the state was an appropriate venue to also reminisce about the breasts of one of his high school classmates from 50 years ago." 

KC Judge: Missouri Marriage Ban is Unconstitutional

A Kansas City judge just declared the Missouri marriage ban unconstitutional!

GOP Rep: Sinquefield "fails again, this time trying to buy reporters"

"First he [Rex Sinquefield] tried to buy the 3rd District and he failed. He fails again, this time trying to buy reporters. A sad State of Affairs in Missouri politics." 

GOP Rep: "Voters should be wary of...Sinquefield’s attempts to buy control of state government"

GOP Rep. Paul Fitzwater: "Voters should be wary of Missourian billionaire Rex Sinquefield’s attempts to buy control of state government."

That time Sinquefield's hired guns went shopping. For journalists.

We're blown away by Rex Sinquefield's hired guns' attempts to buy journalists (at $250 a pop!) for maybe-anonymous blog posts about how Rex Sinquefield's radical tax ideas are totally awesome. 


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