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UPDATE: The 162 Missouri Candidates Who Have Received Rex Sinquefield Campaign Contributions This Cycle

UPDATE: Rex Sinquefield has given $9.41M to Missouri candidates and committees this year -- directly and through his various front groups. The list of recipients is staggering.  

Progress Missouri Files MEC Complaint on Abuse of Lobbyist Gift 'Group Expenditure' Loophole

'But finding out who dined and passed the check isn’t exactly clear in disclosure forms filed with the Missouri Ethics Commission.'

Progress Missouri has filed a complaint with the Missouri Ethics Commission regarding the improper reporting of gifts on an a recent American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) junket. 

House GOPer Launches New Gambit to Close Missouri's Only Remaining Abortion Provider

Rep. Mike Moon claims our state constitution bans abortion and is demanding the AG Koster enforce that ban to "effectively end legal abortion across the state."

Guy who sued President for being a Kenyan has legal theory about Marriage Equality

On important legal questions, let's all pay attention to the lame duck Speaker who sued Barack Obama in federal court for being an illegal Kenyan immigrant. 

Progress Missouri named "Best Political Organization" in The Pitch's Best of KC Issue

"[A]n oasis of sanity in a state whose officials often seem to care most about receiving gold stars from the NRA, denying women reproductive rights, and transferring money from cash-strapped public services to greedy corporate interests." 


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