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Sinquefield's Let Voters Decide campaign comes out of the gate with bogus and misleading ads

Rex Sinquefield's Let Voters Decide Campaign is already running strange radio ads in the Springfield market, and they're full of misleading and downright bogus claims. (Shocking!)

Brunner Must Explain Unapologetic Support for Buchanan's Radical, Hate-Filled Agenda

Buchanan’s hate and bigotry roundly condemned by Republican and Democratic leaders

“In an interview with Salon News, former Sen. John Danforth, a Republican from Missouri, expressed bewilderment at the fact that not one of Buchanan's rivals for the GOP nomination has been willing to condemn Buchanan's bigotry..."


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What Folks Are Saying About Progress Missouri

  • Progress Missouri "has been leading the opposition effort" to "enshrine [Rush] Limbaugh with Missouri’s greats" 

  • "Let’s say kudos to lefty Progress Missouri for the act of transparency that the state itself should be providing..."

  • "No group has been as successful at getting the Capitol talking."

  • "Progress Missouri has become the biggest thorn in the side Republicans in the Capitol as the group is represented anywhere and everywhere."

  • "An oasis of sanity in a state whose officials often seem to care most about receiving gold stars from the NRA, denying women reproductive rights, and transferring money from cash-strapped public services to greedy corporate interests..."