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Nixon: "I don't think that coming after working people is how you build an economy"

As ALEC-inspired legislation makes its way on to the Missouri Senate's calendar, Governor Nixon calls these bills out for what they are-- attacks on workers.

Nixon: "I don't think that coming after working people is how you build an economy"

Just as ALEC-inspired legislation makes its way on to the Missouri Senate's calendar, Governor Nixon calls these bills out for what they are-- attacks on workers.

Attacks on Missouri workers heating up just as new report shows 'right to work' states have lower wages

Last week two things happened that should deeply concern all working Missourians. First, the Economic Policy Institute came out with a new report showing so-called 'right to work' states have lower wages, and second an ALEC 'right to work' bill has been added to the Missouri Senate's calendar.

The Legislature is attempting to fix problems with Schaefer's Amendment 5... but it's not going too well

Last year, Sen. Kurt Schaefer (R-Columbia)'s poorly-drafted and misguided Amendment 5 put some of Missouri's most common-sense gun laws at risk. Unfortunately, the NRA-endorsed legislative "fixes" aren't much better.

Koch brothers send Americans for Prosperity CEO to MO to push national anti-worker agenda

Luke Hilgemann, CEO of the Koch-funded national organization Americans for Prosperity, is visiting Jefferson City lawmakers today.

New Report: Clean energy industry in Missouri set to grow at least 7%

A new report on Missouri's clean energy industry, which employs nearly 40,000 Missourians at more than 4,400 establishments, shows the industry is poised to grow an impressive 7% in 2015 and could grow even more with the right public policy.

Sean Soendker Nicholson talks Medicaid expansion on the Allman Report

Sean Soendker Nicholson, Executive Director of Progress Missouri, and Tim Jones, former ALEC Co-Chair and former House Speaker, talk Medicaid Expansion with Jamie Allman.

Guess who's coming to MO? Hint: It's Mike Pence

Indiana Gov. Mike Pence, famous for recently signing a controversial anti-LGBT license to discriminate bill into law, is headlining Camden County Lincoln Days Saturday, April 11th.

MoLeg plan to restrict food assistance: That state is cray

In a segment called "That state is cray," Comedy Central's Larry Wilmore calls out Kansas and Missouri for nonsensical, illconcieved welfare reform measures.

Eric Burlison: Conceal carry permits = poll taxes

While presenting a bill, Burlison compared the requirments of a concealed weapons permit to poll taxes.


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