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The Progress Missouri team worked hard this session to hold politicians accountable, call out extremism, and amplify Missouri heroes’ commitment to improving our state. Here’s a sampling of extremism we’ve exposed and work we’ve accomplished so far this year.

Home care workers call on Gov Nixon to honor pay raise contract

Yesterday the voices of Missouri home health care workers filled the halls of the Capitol. Dozens of workers and consumers of home care in Missouri gathered to call on Governor Nixon to implement an already agreed upon pay raise.

We need a better legislature

What did we learn from the 2015 legislative session?

It's never been more clear that the politicians running our legislature have lost connection with their constituents -- and reality. Let's break down a few ways we've observed this:

Politics trumped people... again

Jefferson City still a cesspool

Remember when legislators acted like they were serious about ethics reform earlier this year? Sadly, our skeptism about real reform being enacted was accurate.

We Still Need Medicaid Expansion

Missourians from across the state travelled once again to Jefferson City to remind legislators that they should be putting people over politics...

Remember when Ron Richard claimed to care about ethics reform?

 Senate Majority Leader Ron Richard (R-Joplin) boldly stated: “There is enough nonsense in this building going on… I am going to try to clear this up before somebody gets indicted.

These GOP proponents of "right to work" have admitted it will lower wages

See which Missouri legislators, who advocate for so-called 'right to work' legislation, have acknowledged that their bills will lower wages.

Three times ALEC's "right to work" proponents admitted it will lower wages

Several ALEC legislators in Missouri have acknowledged that ALEC's so-called 'right to work' bills would lower wages.

Nixon nixes GOP bill that would harm MO kids

This morning Governor Nixon vetoed SB 24, a bill that would disastrously harm Missouri children. Tell your legislators to uphold this veto.

Governor Nixon vetoes bill that would harm Missouri children

This morning Governor Nixon vetoed SB 24, a bill that would disastrously harm Missouri children. Tell your legislators to uphold this veto.


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  • Progress Missouri "has been leading the opposition effort" to "enshrine [Rush] Limbaugh with Missouri’s greats" 

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