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Small Business Owners Testify Against ALEC's So-Called Right-to-Work Bill

During the recent HB1099 hearing, two Missouri small-business owners testified to the Workplace Development and Workplace Safety committee about their businesses and how so-called 'right-to-work' would hurt their bottom-line and the middle class. 

Kander and McManus Announce Strong Ethics and Campaign Finance Reform Bill

Appearing at a press conference on January 14, Secretary of State Jason Kander and State Representative Kevin McManus presented a comprehensive ethics and campaign finance reform bill (HB 1340).

House Progressives Announce Broad-Based Tax Reform

Representative Jon Carpenter and a number of House colleagues unveiled a broad-based income tax plan on Monday, January 13 in  the Capitol. As you can see in video of the press conference below, Carpenter presents the bill as a counter to the disastrous tax schemes pushed by Rex Sinquefield and allied Republicans in recent months. Highlights of the bill include income tax cuts for 99% of Missourians and revenue neutrality. 

Billy Long Eating Well in DC as He Tries to Slash Food Stamps for Missourians back home.

Representative Billy Long talks a good game about working for the people of southwest Missouri. But a look at lobbying and campaign finance records -- especially in the context of his work to cut SNAP (food stamp) funding for struggling Missourians -- makes Billy's big talk a little tough to swallow.  

New report: Missouri’s economy still isn’t working for everyone

“Nearly six years after the recession began and more than four years after it officially ended, our economy has not turned around for the vast majority of Americans. It is past time to set the nation on the right course.”

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