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Community, Hope and Leadership in Ferguson

Like you, we’ve been consumed this week by the photos and videos and voices of Ferguson. We’re upset, confused, conflicted, mad and sad.  

But despite the trouble, we’re inspired and moved by local leaders and activists who are making a stand for justice, healing and progress. We’ve witnessed the power of the free press that is so important to our democracy -- to shine a light, to hold up a mirror, to lift up the voiceless.  And we’re going to keep fighting with you for a more just, more peaceful Missouri.  

Sinquefield Economic Fantasy vs. Reality

Rex Sinquefield admires the work of Kansas Governor Sam Brownback, that much is clear. What's not so obvious is why. Standard & Poor's just downgraded Kansas' credit rating from AA+ to AA. Back in May, Moody's Investment Service downgraded the state's credit rating as well, from Aa1 to Aa2.

Rex Rejected, Again

Candidates propped up by radical STL billionaire Rex Sinquefield were defeated across Missouri in the 2014 primaries. In House Districts 3, 130, 144 and 155, voters chose to retain leaders who stood up for their communities and refused to bow to Sinquefield and his cronies.

Another GOP Rep Calls Out Sinquefield Front Group, This Time for "Slander"

Rep. Lyndall Fraker: The Missouri Club for Growth PAC "continues to slander conservative" colleagues of his in the Missouri House. 

Sinquefield's Top Lobbyist a Featured Speaker for Latest ALEC Junket

Last year, the Associated Press broke the news that one of Rex Sinquefield's front groups, Pelopidas, was a 'six-figure financial sponsor' of the American Legislative Exchange Council. This year, the partnership between Sinquefield, Travis Brown (leader of Pelopidas and Sinquefield's top lobbyist), and the ALEC corporate bill mill continues: 


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