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That time Sinquefield's hired guns went shopping. For journalists.

We're blown away by Rex Sinquefield's hired guns' attempts to buy journalists (at $250 a pop!) for maybe-anonymous blog posts about how Rex Sinquefield's radical tax ideas are totally awesome. 

Like Akin, Caleb Rowden's Agenda Is Too Extreme for Missouri

Caleb Rowden isn’t a doctor, but that’s not stopping him from making health care decisions for women in Missouri. 

Springfield lawyer sends "harsh" anti-gay letter to public servant

Springfield City Council member Craig Fishel should take note that the Dee Wampler’s of the world aren’t denying that discrimination exists, rather they are advocating for the right to continue discriminating.

Kevin Corlew: Your Boss Should Be Able To Deny You Birth Control

Republican Kevin Corlew, candidate for the Missouri House in District 14, praised the Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby decision this summer as a “victory” for religious liberty. And by liberty, he means the freedom for your boss to deny you birth control.

MOGOP Leader: Voter Registration in Ferguson is "Disgusting"

Missouri GOP Executive Director Matt Wills says voter registration efforts in Ferguson are “disgusting” and “completely inappropriate.” Um...yeah.

Shane Roden: Under Fire From Own Party For “Stolen Valor” In Misleading Flyer

Shane Roden, Republican candidate for Missouri House District 111, is under fire from members of his own party for a flyer that allegedly led voters to believe he was a veteran. 


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