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How To Ruin Your Political Career Before It Starts With Social Media: A Case Study With Joe Corica

He has opinions about things. And he posts them to the interwebs.

Meet Joe Corica, aspiring State Rep. He's got opinions about eugenics, his 'Facebook stalking' skills, LGBT Missourians, Hillary Clinton and how Obama is a racist. And they're awful. And he posts them to the interwebs. 

Guy who sued President for being a Kenyan has legal theory about Marriage Equality

On important legal questions, let's all pay attention to the lame duck Speaker who sued Barack Obama in federal court for being an illegal Kenyan immigrant. 

JeffCo Recorder Asks Why Military Hasn't Ousted Obama Yet

Jefferson County Recorder of Deeds Debbie Dunnegan took to her Facebook to ask her military friends why no one has taken action against "our domestic enemy... supposedly the commander in chief." 

Meet Tea Party Extremist Fred Ellison, Secession Advocate

Fred Ellison wants to be the next State Representative from the 132nd District. His campaign website carefully avoids making any mention of any policies he would support if elected and leaves all the issue pages blank.

When you learn just what Ellison stands for, you won't be surprised that he's trying to hide his record.

Progress Missouri named "Best Political Organization" in The Pitch's Best of KC Issue

"[A]n oasis of sanity in a state whose officials often seem to care most about receiving gold stars from the NRA, denying women reproductive rights, and transferring money from cash-strapped public services to greedy corporate interests." 

Gary Cross's ALEC Junket

ALEC politicians are wined and dined at ALEC events, then asked to take bills back to capitols to present as their own

In late 2011, as most reps were home preparing bills for the coming legislative session, Gary Cross was instead attending an ALEC junket in Scottsdale, Arizona. While there, Cross was wined and dined by lobbyists who gave him their bills to bring back to Missouri and present as his own. In just two days, they spent more than $250 on food and drink for Cross, including a $156 dinner at the swanky Mastro’s Ocean Club Steakhouse.


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