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Progress Missouri Files MEC Complaint on Abuse of Lobbyist Gift 'Group Expenditure' Loophole

'But finding out who dined and passed the check isn’t exactly clear in disclosure forms filed with the Missouri Ethics Commission.'

Progress Missouri has filed a complaint with the Missouri Ethics Commission regarding the improper reporting of gifts on an a recent American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) junket. 

Update: Corica Takes Posts Offline While He And His Prominent Supporters Remain Silent

Joe Corica clearly missed the lesson of our blog post about his lack of a filter on social media: the internet is forever and screenshots don't lie.

Gary Cross Conveniently Forgets About His Largest Donor, STL Billionaire Rex Sinquefield

Gary Cross says his brother is his biggest financial backer. Nope -- it's radical STL billionaire Rex Sinquefield.

Springfield City Council Approves Comprehensive Nondiscrimination Ordinance

Monday was made significantly more awesome by the approval of a stronger nondiscrimination ordinance by Springfield’s City Council. In a vote of 6 to 3, the Council approved Bill 2014-189. Effective immediately, this bill expands protections in housing, employment, and public accommodations to include sexual orientation and gender identity.

How To Undermine Your Political Career Before It Starts: Another Case Study With Rob Vescovo and Andrew McDaniel

Joe Corica isn't the only candidate aspiring for the Missouri House this year who may have jeopardized their chances for a political career long before deciding to run. Rob Vescovo, candidate in the 112 House District, and Andrew McDaniel, candidate in the 150th House District, are the two newest examples in this sadly reoccuring series on our blog.

In 2012, Rob Vescovo started the newspaper We The People.

House GOPer Launches New Gambit to Close Missouri's Only Remaining Abortion Provider

Rep. Mike Moon claims our state constitution bans abortion and is demanding the AG Koster enforce that ban to "effectively end legal abortion across the state."


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