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Missouri home care workers reach historic wage agreement

After eleven months of bargaining, home care attendants in Missouri’s consumer-directed services program reached a tentative agreement Friday on a contract that would raise hourly pay for thousands of workers.  The 8,000 to 9,000 home care attendants in the program currently earn an average of $8.58 an hour. Once implemented, the new contract will lift the hourly wage of most to $10.15.

Emerging GOP Leaders Standing Up to Old Farts on Marriage Equality

A growing number of Missouri Republicans are coming to the conclusion that advocating for discrimination isn't a 'family value.'

Schweich Advisor Accuses Sinquefield of "attempting to buy Missouri government"

Tom Schweich advisor: "Under no circumstances will we sit idly by while one person...appears to be attempting to buy Missouri government." 

Kevin Corlew: Legal Fellow With Group Known for "Sharp Anti-Gay Bigotry"

Meet Kevin Corlew, the #MOLeg candidate with troubling ties to the radical Alliance Defending Freedom organization.

UPDATE: The 162 Missouri Candidates Who Have Received Rex Sinquefield Campaign Contributions This Cycle

UPDATE: Rex Sinquefield has given $9.41M to Missouri candidates and committees this year -- directly and through his various front groups. The list of recipients is staggering.  


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