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Justice for Sale in Cole County

News Tribune: “We believe circuit judge elections should be decided not on the basis of political parties  or campaign contributions, but on which candidate is most knowledgeable, deliberative and fair in dispensing justice. Period.”

Billy Long: "Well Below Expectations"

Long scored "well below expectations" in a new student of Congressional effectiveness. Maybe this is why he's been running from voters this fall? 

NSFW: But Wait, There's More From Joe Corica

Each time we're sure we have found all of 70th District hopeful Joe Corica's social media insanity, we are yet again proved wrong. A few months ago, long after Corica had began his campaign for State Rep, he appears to have made an account on the social image sharing site Imgur. Instead of using his own name for the account, he named it after a character in his science fiction novel, Wesley Flashinpon.

Leading Recipient of Lobbyist Gifts Decides Two Weeks Before Election Day That He Wants to Ban Lobbyist Gifts

Caleb Rowden, who “personally has accepted more lobbyist gifts in his first term than any other member of the Boone County delegation,” announced Tuesday that he now supports a total ban on lobbyist gifts.


Doug Funderburk Says He Keeps Missouri Secession Legislation In His Desk

Doug Funderburk said he keeps a copy of secession legislation in his center desk drawer. Yeah. 


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