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Birther Tim's Latest Conspiracy Theory

Missouri House Speaker Tim Jones is Missouri's most prominent right-wing conspiracy theorist. His obsession with the debunked claim that President Obama was secretly born in Kenya is well-documented. He's said Obamacare includes death panels intended to kill your grandparents, that the Missouri Hospital Association is a bunch of Marxists, that climate change is "voodoo science," and that "most lynchings in the 1800s were committed by Democrats against Republicans."


This week while filling in for Jamie Allman on FM 97.1, Jones debuted his newest silly conspiracy theory: 

TIM JONES: Another thing I thought that was fascinating this weekend. This story had kind of been quelled and put down but suddenly out of nowhere on a sleepy holiday week the New York Times dredges up Benghazi with some massive treatise about how Al Qaeda was not involved. You pointed out something on that as well.

TODD STARNES: Yeah. You know what I think that was all about? I think that was giving cover for Hillary Clinton when she decides to run for the White House. I think her flank is exposed on that particular issue and the New York Times is stepping up to the plate and probably, this is just conjecture on my part, but I suspect maybe Bill Clinton called in a couple favors to give his wife a little cover on that.

TIM JONES: I think you're absolutely right. I think that the politicos know that Benghazi is going to be -- if she's going to have a big Achilles heel it's probably going to be on Benghazi because of her poor performance on that and everything else. So, there's this continued attempt by the mainstream media to cover for her. I guess this was just the latest attempt to try and smooth that over.

That's right, Timmy has decided the New York Times' authorative and exhaustive report on Benghazi, the result of a months-long investigation and on the ground interviews in Libya, was prompted by Bill Clinton calling his buddies in the Times' newsroom. He believes the Times, arguably the most well-respected and widely read paper in the world, would risk its credibilty and reputation to fabricate a report to help Hillary Clinton be elected President in 2016. 
In a segment the next day, Jones continued his rant on 97.1 against the vast liberal conspiracy that is out to protect Hillary Clinton:

The second big story [of 2014] I think is going to be Benghazi. The loonie left has no one to blame for this other than their buddies at the New York Times... The Clintons are tight with the folks over at the New York Times. If you don't know that, just go back and do your research. It's well-documented that there is a cozy relationship there, there is a lovefest between the New York Times and the Clintons. There always has been. That was the purpose of the article. The problem is the article is largely untrue. It is filled with misrepresentations of all shapes and sizes. It does this very broad brush explaining away of the entire -- This is a complex issue involving complex foreign policy, dealing with multiple terror cell groups many of them linked to Al Qaeda.

Why is Jones so upset? Because the Times' report debunks months of tea party talking points claiming that Al Qaeda was behind the Benghazi attack. Jones and the rest of the Republican Party are so afraid of Hillary Clinton in 2016 that they are desperately grasped at straws in 2013 -- and now 2014 --  to callously turn a national tragedy into a liberal conspiracy. Kudos to the New York Times for providing an objective report that lays out the facts on the Benghazi attack. Unfortunately, it seems a silly little thing like telling the truth isn't going to stop Birther Tim from spouting his nonsense. 


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