What's the Difference Between Greitens and Scott Walker? Not Much.

Last weekend, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker came down to Missouri to stump for his new BFF -- Eric Greitens.

Walker is best known for an agenda that attacks workers' rights, women's access to reproductive heath care, and a reliance upon dark money and shady laundering schemes.

Eric Greiten’s unaccounted for $2 million from “SEALS for Truth” reads like a stepping stone to Scott Walker’s infamous John Doe case.

From The Guardian, which obtained the leaked John Doe files earlier this :

In the fallout of Act 10, progressive groups retaliated by dragging Walker and several other Republicans through a series of bitter recall elections.

Those recall elections, and the question of whether Walker flouted campaign finance regulations in order that he and other Republican politicians could stay in office and preserve their anti-union legislation, were the focus of the investigation that generated the files now leaked to the Guardian.

It was known as a John Doe investigation because, much like a grand jury, its subjects were kept anonymous while officials weighed whether or not to press charges. In this case, prosecutors alleged that there was evidence to indicate that Walker and his team of advisers and associates had set up a coordinated effort with lobbyists and major donors to swing elections by secretly pouring huge amounts of corporate cash into the races.

The money was channeled through a third-party group, the DAs alleged, in order to circumvent state and federal rules that set limits on political contributions and require them to be publicly revealed.

Greitens and Walker’s eschewing of ethics and campaign finance are similar and downright uncanny.  

When it comes to dark money and silencing workers' voices, Greitens and Walker are two peas in the proverbial pod.

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