Visible Hypocrisy at Greitens Swearing In

Remember not even 24 hours ago when Gov. Greitens "boldly" announced his first executive order? Greitens signed an executive order barring state employees in the executive branch from accepting gifts from lobbyists and banning members of his administration from leaving and working to lobby his administration. 

Well, it seems like that is where the Governor draws the line for the era of "new politics."

From the Post-Dispatch:

As newly seated Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens gave his inauguration speech in Jefferson City Monday, demanding political ethics reform in state government, two notable guests were seated a few feet from him on the stage.

One, a $1 million donor to Greitens, has been accused by a woman in a lawsuit (though never criminally charged) of sexually abusing her for years.

The other is tied to almost $2 million in federal superPAC “dark money” that was funneled into Greitens' campaign last year from still-undisclosed sources.

It's difficult to believe the Governor will act on his campaign promises to "clean up" politics as usual, when he can't walk the walk.

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