Update: Greitens Transition Team Working Under Gag Order

Two days after the election, Governor-elect Greitens gave details on his transition team.

Two weeks after that, the public received information about the inaugural ball. 

But now we're about three weeks out from the official start of Greitens' administration, and we've only learned the names of a few appointees--we still don't know most of the folks who will be in his cabinet, aside from a few key players

From the Post-Dispatch

When it comes to building a team to run state government, Missouri’s next governor has been virtually silent on whom he wants to help him for the next four years.

Now, more than a month after Republican Eric Greitens won his first bid for office, he’s about to unveil whom he’ll be relying on to navigate the job of running state government.

Since winning the Nov. 8 election, Greitens has answered few questions from reporters. His transition office has offered up little information indicating how the process is working.


The Post-Dispatch found through Sunshine requests that members of the Gov.-elect's transition team signed a gag order before coming on board.  This means the candidate of "anti-corruption" doesn't have to face scrutiny because he has ensured there is nothing to scrutinize. 

Missourians looking for insight into the inner workings of Eric Greitens’ move from private citizen to governor likely won’t get much information from members of his transition team.

According to documents obtained by the Post-Dispatch through the state’s Sunshine Law, people serving on the transition team are required to sign an agreement that includes a gag order on them speaking about what is going on behind the closed doors of the transition team office.

The agreement comes after Greitens spent the campaign season focusing on a pledge to clean up the capital city and make Missouri a more business-friendly state. 

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