UPDATE: Cole County Courthouse Flag Lowered Following Public Outrage

From the Jefferson City News Tribune:

City, state and federal offices around Jefferson City lowered flags to half-staff after President Barack Obama put out a proclamation Sunday following the killing of 50 people in a mass shooting in Orlando.

Cole County, meanwhile, has opted against lowering its flags.

In a vote of 2 to 1, Western District Commissioner Kris Scheperle and Eastern District Commissioner Jeff Hoelscher voted against lowering Cole County flags in honor of those murdered at an LGBT club in Orlando. Presiding Commissioner Sam Bushman who supported lowering the flags said, "I agree we don't need to lower the flag for everything, but something like this, I think it's appropriate."

Hoelscher said of his decision: "We (the commission) still have control over how the flags are displayed. Lowering it too much takes away from the honor. I feel for these victims and for their families, but I don't feel this was a time for the flag to be lowered."

Scheperle added"I want to honor those who have served our country, but we can't lower it for every event like this that occurs. I do feel for those who were gunned down, but I don't think it warrants lowering the flag."

PROMO, Missouri's leading LGBT-rights organization, called the decision to break with norm and fly the Cole County flag at full mast “beyond beyond hurtful to the victims and their families and the entire LGBT community.”

The events of Sunday morning at Pulse Nightclub in Orlando were truly horrific, and refusing to acknowledge that grief and suffering is just plain wrong.

UPDATE: Flags lowered after Scheperle changes vote

Unfortunately, Commissioner Hoelscher stood by his decision to keep the flags up.

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