Pay-to-Play an Unspoken Norm in Jeff City?

Last Thursday on the floor of the Senate, Senator Doug Libla (R-Poplar Bluff) and Senator Gary Romine (R-Farmington) discussed what was to come in the last three weeks of legislative session. What ensued was a conversation that turned to under the table pay-to-play.

Senators Schaaf and Romine Agree: Greitens' Dark Money is Bad

As the Missouri Legislature gets closer and closer to the end of session, tensions are rising and tempers are getting short, especially when it comes to Gov. Eric Greitens' hypocritical campaign commitment to clean up the corruption in Jefferson City.

What's the Difference Between Greitens and Scott Walker? Not Much.

Last weekend, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker came down to Missouri to stump for his new BFF -- Eric Greitens.

Walker is best known for an agenda that attacks workers' rights, women's access to reproductive heath care, and a reliance upon dark money and shady laundering schemes.

Eric Greiten’s unaccounted for $2 million from “SEALS for Truth” reads like a stepping stone to Scott Walker’s infamous John Doe case.

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