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Greitens Supports 479,000 Missourians Losing Health Insurance

Governor Eric Greitens signed a letter, along with other extreme governors including Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback, in praise of Speaker Paul Ryan's and President Trump's repeal of Obamacare. Their legislation, titled the "American Health Care Act" stands to lose 24 million Americans – including 479,000 Missourians – their health insurance.

What's the Difference Between Greitens and Scott Walker? Not Much.

Last weekend, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker came down to Missouri to stump for his new BFF -- Eric Greitens.

Walker is best known for an agenda that attacks workers' rights, women's access to reproductive heath care, and a reliance upon dark money and shady laundering schemes.

Eric Greiten’s unaccounted for $2 million from “SEALS for Truth” reads like a stepping stone to Scott Walker’s infamous John Doe case.

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