#SJR39 Hurts

In the middle of arguments made by supporters of Senate Joint Resolution 39 defending “business rights,” often forgotten were the names, faces, and stories of LGBT Missourians who will face legalized discrimination if the amendment becomes law.

I am one of those faces. Already the debate over SJR 39 forced a conversation where my mother shared that my father supports the amendment. Why? Because despite having a gay son, business’ freedom matters more.

This was a dagger to my heart. Flashbacks hit of a painful coming out where I lost close friends and a faith community coupled with the depression of feeling alone in a world that told me that I did not belong.

My story is but one of many and by no means the worst. I am lucky to have a support network and years of navigating society behind me. Yet, many LGBT Missourians, especially youth, do not have that. They will have to face this same conversation alone and with even greater uncertainty.

Join me in sharing our stories that #SJR39Hurts. Click below to send your story to Speaker Richardson, so he knows that this resolution goes beyond economics, but impacts people in a personal way.

Your name, your story matters and the legislature needs to know that. Share your story here.

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