Sinquefield Schemes Driving KS Teachers Away

The Independence school district is actively recruiting teachers from Kansas.

Why? Because Kansas teachers are fleeing across the border thanks to the unstable environment created by Gov. Brownback and Rex Sinquefield’s massive income tax cuts.

In Kansas, funding for schools has been slashed and the plan for future education funding is unclear. 

Julie Wilson, who coordinates Kansas teacher recruitment and retention as well as maintains the website, says that many teachers feel a lack of support from the Kansas legislature.

"I think teachers have done more with less for a number of years and it does wear on you.

You know, the expectations have remained the same if not more and our funding hasn’t matched that.”

Ironically, an action that was supposed to bring wealth to Kansas is driving more citizens away.

It is apparent that Rex Sinquefield and crew care more about income tax cuts than education, roads, pensions, economic development, or anything else that Kansans need.

The mass migration of teachers to Missouri is just the most recent casualty of Rex Sinquefield’s political madness.

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