Senator Mike Parson Likes Lobbyist Gifts...."Ethics Reform" Not So Much

Right before the Republican primaries, Bubs Hohulin, former Chief of Staff for Senator Mike Parson, shared a public Facebook post outlining why he can’t vote for his former boss.

He followed up with the KC Star, saying that he will vote for Russ Carnahan, Parson’s Democratic opponent in the general election.

Hohulin noticed that Parson’s policy comprehension isn’t the greatest. Also, ETHICS.

"His understanding of issues is startlingly weak. I witnessed him agreeing to propose legislation on behalf of lobbyists who had contributed to his campaign without having any idea what the legislation actually did. He said to me early on, 'Just because I am nodding my head doesn't mean I understand what they are saying. You will need to explain it to me later. I don't want to ask any questions and risk looking dumb.' That much pride in an elected official is not only disturbing, it is dangerous."

Parson’s ethics record doesn’t do anything to refute this claim. From 2004-2015, Parson took the fifth most amount of gifts in the legislature, at $45,359. During the 2015 legislative session, Parson voted against an ethics reform bill because of the lobbyist revolving door proposal.

From PoliticMO:

Sen. Mike Parson, a Republican of Bolivar, said he opposed the bill because of the 'cooling off' provision. "If we want to do ethics reform, then do ethics reform," he said. "But, do not take away the rights of the people back home to hire who they want to hire in Jefferson City."

And then there's this: While speaking on the Senate Floor, Parson honestly suggested valet parking for Senators. Hohulin writes:

"We need people in office who believe it is their duty to serve the citizens of Missouri. Instead, Mike Parson proposed spending $50,000 for an additional state employee to park and retrieve vehicles in the basement parking garage of the Capitol. Most of those parking spaces are reserved for senators, statewide officials, and House leadership. In Missouri we have a citizen legislature. They should be able to park their own cars without asking the taxpayers to cough up another $50,000 so they can have what amounts to curbside service." 

So the the next time Senate Leaders like Ron Richard or Mike Parson say they believe in "ethics reform", be prepared. There's just no grain of salt big enough.

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