Senate GOP Leaders Abruptly Halt Filibuster

The longest filibuster in Missouri history was ended this morning by an unceremonious parliamentary procedure

Around 7am in the Senate, democrats who had been filibustering for over 39 hours straight were cut off by a PQ motion (you can read more about a PQ here). In short, the motion is a break from usual decorum, and almost never used. In fact, there was bipartisan condemnation of the move.

By using this maneuver, Senate leadership ignored hundreds of Missourians and business that have spoken out against SJR 39 #NotInMyState

The Executive Director of the ACLU of Missouri release a statement that said it best:

"It's an outrage that extremist senators would use a rare procedural move to shut down debate and silence the voices of countless Missourians, inlcuding major corporations and the very people these officials represent, who have spoken out against the anti-LGBT SJR 39."

We're outraged as well, but the fight isn't over

Read this from the Executive Director of PROMO, Missouri's leading LGBT advocacy group. And stay tuned as we track the progress of this bill and others like it.

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