Sen. Schupp Amendment to Protect Victims of Sexual Assault Voted Down

The Senate debated SB 45, which changes the structure of employee-employer arbitration agreements. Under this statute, an employer would be able to put provisions in their contracts saying that if there's a dispute between them and an employee, it would go to arbitration court. Sounds reasonable? Well, the concern is that the courts are private. There is no record available for future employees or even customers. On top of that, arbitration courts can be funded by third-parties, usually larger corporations... who could end up being sued by their employees. 

Sen. Jill Schupp offered an amendment to create exemptions for those under the age of 18 have alleged sexual harassment or assault. 

She then amended the language to include up to 21 year old employees. The rational is that these are usually first or second time job holders who may not understand what an arbitration clause means, especially when they fear retribution from their employer. 

Unfortunately, the amendment failed, almost along partisan lines.

Seems telling, honestly, that the super-majority is willing to forego protections for young Missourians just to pass through legislation that benefits big business. 

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