Schaefer Can't Have it Both Ways on Guns and Discrimination

Like so many of us, Sen. Kurt Schaefer took to social media to share condolences and prayers for the victims in Orlando.

Yes, THAT Kurt Schaefer. The state senator who has spent much of his legislative career making sure the assault-style weapons used in the attack are protected and accessible, while supporting legalized discrimination against the LGBT community targeted in the massacre.

Here’s the thing: You can’t have it both ways.

You can’t author a constitutional amendment ensuring more Missourians than ever before will have access to guns, push through a dangerous Stand Your Ground bill (with a permitless carry provision), attempt to legalize discrimination against LGBT Missourians, AND THEN deliver heart-felt condolences after Orlando as if there were no connection.

It’s time for politicians — and frankly, all of us — to stop pretending what happens in the Capitol is somehow isolated from real world consequences.

What elected leaders say matters. The bills they fight for and pass matter: Families go hungry. Sick people can't afford to see doctors. Dangerous people are allowed to purchase and carry guns. Some people lose basic rights because of who they are.  And some people even lose their lives.

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