Roy Blunt Can Make Time for Trump But Not SCOTUS Nominee

Eighty four days ago, President Obama nominated Merrick Garland to be the next Supreme Court Justice. Without hesitation, Sen. Roy Blunt refused to give an up or down vote on Garland’s confirmation. In fact, Blunt said he would not be able to find time to meet with Garland since “I can barely schedule a call with my son’s math teacher…”

Seems Blunt’s schedule was wide open on May 12, where instead of meeting with Garland, he freed up time to sit down with….Donald Trump.

Instead of Blunt fulfilling one of the basic functions of his job as a Senator, he chose to meet with a man who mocks people with disabilities, calls women “pigs,” and makes comments that even the Republican Speaker of the House says are racist. 

Time to #DoYourJob, Senator Blunt.


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