Rowden Unsure If It's OK to Fire Folks for Being LGBT

Rep. Caleb Rowden (R-Columbia) is not sure if discrimination is cool or not.

When questioned about his stance on anti-discrimination legislation, Rowden, who is running for House Majority leader, could not provide a clear answer to the Columbia Daily Tribune.

“I would definitely want to know what the language looks like. I don’t know if it’s as simple as saying ‘do you support x?’ and knowing what the consequences are on the other side.”

While Rowden is unable to voice support for or against the Missouri Nondiscrimination Act (MONA), many of his fellow republican colleagues are working for nondiscrimination measures in Missouri.

Republican House members Noel Torpey, Kevin Engler, Anne Zerr, Sheila Solon, and Nate Walker have all co-sponsored MONA in the past. Walker even spoke in favor of passing a city wide non-discrimination ordinance for his community at a Kirksville City Council meeting in 2014.

In the Senate, Republicans Tom Dempsey, Mike Kehoe, Mike Parson, Gary Romine, David Sater, Rob Schaaf, Ryan Silvey, and Wayne Wallingford have all voted in favor of non-discrimination legislation.

Now more than ever, nondiscrimination has bipartisan support, so why can’t Rowden commit?

Let's make the possibility of being fired for being LGBT a part of Missouri's past. It really is that simple, Rep. Rowden.

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